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Institute of Software Application Technology, Guangzhou & Chinese Academy of Sciences(GZIS)

Institute of Software Application Technology, Guangzhou & Chinese Academy of Sciences (GZIS), was founded in May 27th, 2011, through the coordinated efforts of Guangzhou Government and Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS). As a legal institution under Guangzhou Government, GZIS is one of the representative institutions based on the model of innovation and development.

Relied on strong theoretical basis and research strength of headquarters in Beijing, GZIS, the branch office in Guangzhou of ISCAS, centers on technical needs in areas of Electronic Information and Modern Service in Guangzhou, Pearl River Delta, and even Guangdong Province. With the combined advantages of location policies, talent resources and market forces, GZIS will broadly cooperate with government, enterprise, academy and institute to develop, produce and promote the products from areas of Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Smart City, Software Engineering and Parallel Processing.

iscas building iscas building iscas building

There are altogether 5 research centers developed by GZIS. They are Research Centers of Smart City, Internet of Things Software Application Technology, Cloud Computing Software Application Technology,